Close Looking for fly Glastonbury? You've found us! Also know as Winding lake.

Things to consider

Windinglake may only be 450 metres as the proverbial crow flies from Gate B but we provide a free shuttle service to and from Gate VG3.

The reason being that it is level with the main stage so there are fewer hills to climb leaving you with more energy to enjoy Mark’s Bar once you have arrived back. The shuttle service will run from 10.00 am to 4.00 am – if you miss the last run, then you will have to rely upon ‘Shanks’s Pony’ which is no real drama as it isn’t that far.


If you have reserved a caravan please be aware that you will need to bring your own bedding. If you can’t be bothered, or are arriving by helicopter you can order a basic bedding set from us.


Each year without fail, the powers that be advise us that BBQs and camp-fires are not permitted.

Caravan grades

Whichever grade you have reserved please be aware that they come in all shapes and sizes. There is not a uniform design. The A grades are the newer caravans, whilst the D grades are slightly older than my father with the B and C grades lying somewhere in between.

Caravan sleeping arrangements

All caravans are two berth and can be either 2 single beds or a double bed.

Glastonbury Festival Backstage hospitality tickets

We have an allocation of backstage hospitality tickets from the Glastonbury Festival. We do not sell the standard tickets. To ensure that the tickets are not sold-on please collect them when you arrive at Windinglake with each person signing for their own ticket.

Should anybody who has bought tickets attempt to profiteer by selling on the said tickets they will loose those tickets and forfeit any refund.

If you find at the last minute that because of any personal issues you can’t attend the festival, do not attempt to sell them. will endeavour (time permitting) to find an approved client for them.

Loos and showers

For those of you without en suite accommodation we do provide hot showers and rather nice loos throughout the site.

Opening times

We will open our gates at midday on Wednesday 22nd June 2022 from which time you are all welcome. If you arrive early then please take this opportunity to pull over, relax and pour a coffee from your flask. Alternatively, carry on driving and join the traffic going round the block one more time.

In the same breath, our license extends to midday on Monday 27th June so please forgive our security team in advance if they politely drag your car through the gate and wave you on your way.

Tent spaces

Please be aware that this is only a space for you to erect your tent, plus a space to park your car next to it. The following is key: The space is 14ft x 14ft to include your car. This is large enough to pitch a standard two-man tent so PLEASE don’t turn up with what you consider to be a two-man tent which has a sitting room, bathroom and garage attached.

Wifi and Mobile phones

Wifi is available in and around Mark’s Bar and there is also a mobile-phone charging unit in Mark’s Bar.

Windinglake passes are not transferable

Each and every one of you will have a wristband which is scanned as you leave Windinglake and again when you arrive back from the festival.


All photos taken on Windinglake Farm property are the property of Cutting Edge Events Ltd and may be used in both on and offline marketing to promote Windinglake. By staying with us you are providing your approval that you are happy for this to happen. However, if you would prefer not to have a photograph taken please get in contact with one of our management team.