You've found us! Windinglake, Glastonbury Accommodation.

Terms & Conditions

1. After your booking at Windinglake has been accepted, a Proforma invoice will be sent to you by Cutting Edge Events Limited (hereafter “CEE”) for payment. Accommodation and/or festival tickets will not be considered confirmed until the Proforma invoice has been paid in full. If full payment is not received by the specified date in our covering email, then CEE reserves the right to offer your booking to others on the waiting list. Please ensure that you check both your inbox and spam for emails from as it is the lead booker’s responsibility that payment is made on time.

2. Within a week of payment being received against the Proforma invoice issued, a VAT invoice, which will be your receipt, will be sent to the lead booking email address.

3. Please ensure that the information you complete on the booking form or receive in your confirmation letter is correct, as CEE cannot be held accountable for mistakes made after this point.

4. CEE reserves the right to withdraw all allocations and cancel any booking if those purchasing from Windinglake are seen to be re-selling to third parties and/or for personal gain or profit. The lead booker is considered responsible for the whole party in this regard.

5. Windinglake is a serviced and shared camping and caravan facility. Anyone considered to be responsible for unreasonable conduct or those who cause disturbance will be asked to leave. No refunds will be given.

6. Toilet and shower facilities are provided throughout Windinglake and are part of your package. Showers are for the use of residents only. Any facilities provided inside the Caravans will not be connected for use, with the exception of the A* caravans, Caboose units and Trailers. Please only use the toilets and urinals provided. Do not pollute the streams and hedges.

7. Check-in is from 12 noon on Wednesday 26th June 2024. Entry will not be permitted into Windinglake before this time.

8. Check-out is no later than 12 noon on Monday 1st July 2024. Please note, if you plan on being collected from Windinglake by any road vehicle then CEE strongly advise you leave on Sunday 30th June 2024 otherwise it is a 12 hour wait time on Monday 1st July 2024. This is due to traffic restrictions entering the site that are out of CEE’s control.

9. In accordance with the rules set down by the Glastonbury Festival, we regret that no animals at all can be allowed into Windinglake.

10. All photos taken on the premises at Windinglake Farm are the property of CEE and may be used in both on and offline marketing to promote CEE. By staying at Windinglake you are providing your approval that you are happy for this to happen. However, if you would prefer not to have a photograph taken or for us not to use any images taken, please get in contact with one of CEE’s management team.

11. All accommodation units must be left clean and tidy upon departure. The lead booker /hirer is responsible for the behaviour of all members of their group booking and will be personally liable for any loss or damage caused to Winding Lake Farm, the accommodation or its contents during the booking period.

12. Non-residents will only be allowed into Windinglake if invited by an existing Windinglake resident and at the discretion of the management team and/or security. Non-residents are the sole responsibility of the lead booker/hirer and as such any damage caused by them, howsoever arising will be charged to the lead booker.

13. Admission to Windinglake is at each individual’s own risk. CEE will not be held liable for any losses, injuries or damages sustained during the stay at Windinglake including damage, loss or theft to personal property if the cause is due to the negligence of other patrons, or third parties or force majeure.

14.  The final payment deadline for all guests staying at Windinglake will be 31st March 2024. Any payment after this time will be subject to the discretion of CEE management.

15. Any amendments to the hirer’s booking including name changes and accommodation allocation must be submitted no later than 31st May 2024. Changes made after this date will be permissible at the discretion of CEE

16. Cancellations and Refunds:

In the event of a festival cancellation due to government action (for example severe weather, disease or terrorist threat), a full refund will be made to your booking prior to the 31st March 2024.

– Any refund request made after 31st March 2024 will be given subject to any costs incurred by CEE up until this date (the date of cancellation) and/or subject to the booking being able to be resold.

CEE does not provide any ticket protection or insurance. If you have any concerns, it is suggested that you take out your own personal insurance policy to protect your booking against any cancellation.

– No refunds will be given in the event of a cancellation by guests after 31st May 2024. Any requests after this date will be subject to CEE discretion and/or subject to the booking being able to be resold.

After arriving at Windinglake, Hospitality Tickets that have been purchased through CEE will be put on the wrists of each individual showing I.D that matches the individual names on each booking.

Once issued, lost, stolen or missing wristbands will not be replaced. Those without wristbands or tickets will be refused entry onto the Festival site. For security reasons all tickets remain the property of Glastonbury Festival Events Limited (hereafter GFEL) until 5pm on Monday 1st July 2024 and may be cancelled at their discretion.

For more information on Glastonbury Festival’s Cancellation Policy, please follow guidance set out on the festival website.

Should any guests arrive late or fail to arrive then no refunds, either full or partial will be made by CEE.

17. There will be no electric car charging ports available at Windinglake. The hirer is not permitted to charge their cars using any of the power ports provided within their accommodation.

18. The information section of the Festival website is essential reading before attending the festival

19. Upon submission of payment of the full balance of their booking to Cutting Edge Events Ltd, unless otherwise agreed in writing, all booking parties and their guests agree to these Terms and Conditions in full. It is the responsibility of the booking party to ensure any and all guests within their booking are aware of these terms and take responsibility for the actions of all members of their party.

20. All guests agree to comply with any reasonable instructions given by members of the Windinglake team or their appointed representative related to the safety or administration of the site and its operations.

21. The use of BBQs, open fires or pyrotechnics of any type are strictly prohibited on the site.

22. In line with Glastonbury Festival, Windinglake maintain a zero tolerance policy towards the dealing in or use of illegal drugs. Drug enforcement laws are as applicable at Windinglake as anywhere else in the country. Drug offences will be dealt with in accordance with national guidelines. Participation in any illegal activity leaves guests liable for eviction from the site and potential arrest.

23. Inappropriate behaviour, abuse or violence towards any member of the Windinglake team will not be tolerated. At their discretion, Windinglake management reserves the right to remove any guest, without refund or compensation who is found to be acting in this manner.


Windinglake, Winding Lake Farm, Fly Glastonbury and CEE are trading Names of Cutting Edge Events Limited

“CEE” – Cutting Edge Events Limited

“Festival” or “Festival site” Glastonbury Festival 2024

“Booking period” 12 noon Wednesday 26th June 2024 until 12 noon Monday 1st July 2024

‘the hirer” – Customer purchasing any packages through Cutting Edge Events Limited

“Lead booker” Customer that provides their email address at the point of booking and purchases any packages through Cutting Edge Events Limited

“resident” Customer purchasing any accommodation through Cutting Edge Events Limited or staying at Windinglake as a paid for guest of a hirer.

“non-resident” – Unpaid guest of customer staying at Windinglake.